The Secret Chest of Count Schaffgotsch

Szlak Zamków Piastowskich

There is a castle, somewhere nearby the Podkarkonosze that for hundreds of years has not changed its owner and against all odds, it has been an impregnable fortress. Chojnik Castle has resisted the troops of all kinds, whether Hussite or Swedish, approaching the castle walls. Legend has it that when the widow of Bolek II Swidnicko – Jaworski gave the castle and its goods to the progenitor of the Schaffgotsch family, she gave him something else. It was a secret chest. As people used to say, thanks to it, the castle was never conquered. Therefore, many thought that the chest comes straight from the devil’s hell, and Count Schaffgotsch signed a pact with his own blood. What is behind the mysterious Count chest?

Supposedly the locals know the history, but you will have to find a way to bribe them. You can try your luck in the tavern, but the landlord does not reveal secrets easily. Throw a penny, stay for three beers, then he will tell you all the stories. If you choose to start the quest, be vigilant as you will face a lot of odds on your way.


Chojnik Castle


70 zł per person for a group of min. 10 participants

Price includes: preparing an outdoor game, tour guide, accident insurance

Duration time:

Approx. 3 hours

Additional options:

Campfire and a meal: 30 zł per person, transport upon request