The regional evening in Łomnica Palace

Łomnica wieczór regionalny

Do you want to get to know the history of Lower Silesia in a unique and original way? Welcome to the seventeenth century kitchen in Łomnica Palace, where the sound of early music, seasoned with stories you will move in the distant Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods, while tasting regional wines and cuisine of the era.

If you want to know the secrets of Lower Silesia in an unconventional way, it is certainly an offer for you.
We have plentiful stories for you. We will betray secrets that books are silent about and you might look for them in contemporary guidebooks but with no success. You will learn how to wander in the footsteps of the mystics, who were able to communicate with angels, alchemists, who have found the philosopher’s stone, the Knights Templar, who have hidden their greatest treasure somewhere at the foot of the Karkonosze Mountains, the potions master, what could brew the drink of immortality or treasure hunters who made the most beautiful Venice and Brussels altars boast jewels of our mountains.
And all that in the incredible scenery and evening climate by the fire, from which you will try the original regional delicacies and fill up your large cups with the liquors of the best kept recipes – one could lose his head not only for a princess, but also for betraying them.


Approx. 2 hours.

Estimated price:

170 zł per person for a group of min. 10 participants.

The price includes: a meal, tasting, tour guide.

The final price, programme and duration of the rental is arranged individually, accordingly to the number of participants, location and additional preferences of the group.

Additional options:

A souvenir „drinking horn” 20 zł per person


The regional evening trip is designed for organized groups of min. 10 partcipants.