The Nobility in the Sudety Health Resorts

sudeckie uzdrowiska

Health resorts with healing waters are the real treasure of the Sudetenland. Each of them has a story, inscribed with celebrities’ or even kings’ visits. These include, inter alia, Cieplice, Duszniki, Ladek, Kudowa, Szczawno and Swieradów, hidden in the Jizera Mountains.

The nineteenth century aristocracy enjoyed visiting the health resorts for the benefits of medicinal waters, basking in the marble pools. Ladies were taking a bath with bachelors. Many acquaintances were made, parties organised and jokes told here. Coffee, chocolate and cakes were served. This common idyll lasted until the Napoleonic wars, when the specific customs of soldiers (by no means the knight ones…) caused that the white-haired began to bathe separately.

While visiting these amazing places you will learn colorful stories of personalities that used to be coming here the other day. These include John Quincy Adams – the sixth president of the United States of America, Frederic Chopin, Johann Goethe, who arrived in the thresholds of the resort in Lądek Zdrój to celebrate his 41st birthday, Marysieńka Sobieska, Frederick William III, and Tsar Alexander I.

We will also get to know the stories of medieval and Renaissance gourmet drinking “water of life” or wine mixed with goat’s milk, because “Goat’s milk serves the best those weak in the chest. Then the camel and the mare good result predicts as well”.


  • Option I – Kudowa Zdrój / Chapel Czaszek / Szczeliniec Wielki
  • Option II – Lądek Zdrój / The Bear’s Cave / The Golden Slope
  • Option III – Duszniki Zdrój / Kłodzko – town and a fortress
  • Option IV – Health resort Cieplice / Castle Chojnik

Duration time:

  • 10:00 – 19:00

Tours for individuals (van and guide included):

  • price 90 PLN/ person;
  • It is possible to book a trip for any date, the minimum number of participants is 6.
  • Make an advance booking through a „contact us“ form..We set off at 10.00 o’clock from a parking lot at Sandra Hotel in Karpacz or from any other place arranged beforehand.
  • Price does not include entrance tickets.

Tours for groups (transportation, guide, accident insurance included):

  • price 75 PLN / person for groups 15 – 30 prsn;
  • price 60 zPLN/ person for griups 30 and more;
  • It is possible to book a trip for any date. The final price, schedule and duration are then determined on the basis of the number of participants, place of stay, type of transport, and additional needs of participants.
  • Price does not include entrance tickets.