The Medieval Law – Fair, But Still… Here Could One Lose His Head Not Only For A Princess?

Historia Dolnego Śląska

Peering at the pages of history of Lower Silesia, it is hard not to notice that it is very complicated. Over the centuries, the area has been ruled by the Piast, Czech, Austrian and Prussian. Multiculturalism of these lands made them unique. Nowhere else in Poland there is such a high concentration of stone crosses, gallows, pillories and other relics of the criminal law. Almost in every village there is at least one monument of this type. In cities that have become tourist centers, they are well cared for and exhibited, such as the pillory in Wrocław or stone crosses in Swidnica. Settlements located outside the main communication routes, such as Chrośnica or Czernica draw less meaning to these small monuments of past times. Not in all cases, however, this principle works. Wojcieszów, the city located by the river Kaczawa, near its source, has almost completely reconstructed the gallow. Although it is not the work of Poles, it is a unique example of a penitentiary equipment in the area of Lower Silesia. We invite you on a tour through the pages of history, the darkest and the most fascinating part of the culture of the Lower Silesia.


  • The gallow in Miłkow / Chojnik Castle /  Stone crosses in Jelenia Góra

Duration time:

  • 10:00 – 16:00

Tours for individuals (van and guide included):

  • price 90 PLN/ person;
  • It is possible to book a trip for any date, the minimum number of participants is 6.
  • Make an advance booking through a „contact us“ form..We set off at 10.00 o’clock from a parking lot at Sandra Hotel in Karpacz or from any other place arranged beforehand.
  • Price does not include entrance tickets.

Tours for groups (transportation, guide, accident insurance included):

  • price 75 PLN / person for groups 15 – 30 prsn;
  • price 60 zPLN/ person for griups 30 and more;
  • It is possible to book a trip for any date. The final price, schedule and duration are then determined on the basis of the number of participants, place of stay, type of transport, and additional needs of participants.
  • Price does not include entrance tickets.