The History Of Polish Uranium


There is no weapon more terrible than a nuclear bomb. And there is no man across the globe who would not fear its fiery blast. The worst of all is the bomb in the hands of our eastern neighbors. After all, no one really knows who is holding a button on the launcher. If it had not been for an agent of Her Majesty James Bond, the world would have fallen apart to bloody shreds many times before. There would not have been the Cold War, arms race, there would not have been the Warsaw Pact or the Soviet power if it had not been for Kowary, Miedzianka and Kletno. The Soviets turned these cities into labor camps. You could not go in there without the Soviet pass. Hiking along the Kowarski ridge of the Karkonosze was strictly forbidden! Only few communists, only the best of them could move freely here. Perhaps a young KGB agent Vladimir Putin was nosing around here!? Who knows, after all, this part of his biography is strictly confidential. If you want to survive this journey you have to be like Bond – attentive, careful, brave and gallant towards women. But be careful. The Soviet protection measures are still in service. We see what you have under your clothing.

During the tour we will visit the Phantom City – Miedzianka – and the story of its disappearance. Next we will go to Kowary to the uranium mines Podgórze. We will learn about the positive and negative use of the noble gas radon – element of masculinity. Who lives under its influence, will enjoy the beauty and women’s appreciation till the rest of his life. Look – Putin has been here (strictly confidential) only for a couple of weeks, and Bond only for 48 hours – how loved they are! We will learn also about the Hunger Trail and in front of us there will be nothing but high forest.

A lunar landscape recalls the time when the river wanted to snatch the mountain. The effects of flooding of 1997 are still visible today. To this day, you can smell sweat and blood of miners working there under the supervision of the NKVD and KGB. But do not worry, Polish – Soviet friendship is immortal!


  • Ghost Town – Miedzianka / Kowary Drifts – underground tourist route / Complex of nonexistent Kowary Mines – tourist trail hiking

Duration time:

  • 10:00 – 15:00

Tours for individuals (van and guide included):

  • price 90 PLN/ person;
  • It is possible to book a trip for any date, the minimum number of participants is 6.
  • Make an advance booking through a „contact us“ form..We set off at 10.00 o’clock from a parking lot at Sandra Hotel in Karpacz or from any other place arranged beforehand.
  • Price does not include entrance tickets.

Tours for groups (transportation, guide, accident insurance included):

  • price 75 PLN / person for groups 15 – 30 prsn;
  • price 60 zPLN/ person for griups 30 and more;
  • It is possible to book a trip for any date. The final price, schedule and duration are then determined on the basis of the number of participants, place of stay, type of transport, and additional needs of participants.
  • Price does not include entrance tickets.