On the Trail of the Walloon Treasure Hunters

Szlak Waloński

They arrived in our mountains in the eleventh century, just after the Emperor brought a spear that cut through Jesus Christ’s side to Chrobry the King. They were a secret association, the Medieval Masonry. They tamed demons and the Mountain Ghost guarded their paths. They carved in code symbols in rocks which today’s scientists are not able to decipher. They tore out the most precious treasure from the ground – the gold. Their paths have been forgotten for 700 years. And then we found the entrance to the maze.

Learn the secrets of the Walloons – mysterious visitors from Western Europe. Hike the trails and discover what this land has been hiding for centuries. Meet the legends and places where you can find amethysts in mountain streams – a mineral considered to be a sacred stone. Discover the secret Walloon code and find a crystal – a stone used to produce the most expensive glass tableware on aristocratic tables all over Europe. See the places where you find a morion – a stone of death used by the ancient sorcerers. Enter the centre of the earth and like an Alchemist discover the Sorcerer’s Stone. Follow the footsteps of treasure hunters, who made the most beautiful altars of Venice and Brussels boast with jewels from our mountains.


The Walloon Trail – Lipa Sądowa, The Valley of the Kamienna River, Waterfall Szklarki, Old Walloon House, Amethyst search, Leśna Huta, Museum of the Earth, Golden View Point, Chybotek


50 zł per person for a group of min. 20 participants

40 zł per person for a group of 20 and more participants

Price includes: tour guide, accident insurance

Price does not include: entrance fees.

Duration time:

09:00 – 18:00

Additional options:

Transport – upon request