On the Trail of the Karkonosze Mountains Ghost

Wycieczka Karkonosze

In the Middle Ages a powerful, rugged mountains closing Silesian Lowlands on the horizon were considered to be an end to the civilized world. Hardly any wanderer dared to venture in such rugged terrain, in humid and moody weather. Eagles, lynx, wolves and bears were protecting him. The legendary ruler was the Mountain Ghost. Frequently called by the Germans Rubezahl, in the Czech Krkonoše or Sir John, and by the Poles Rzepióra or Diabeł Ryferyjski. He lived deeply in the mountains in an underground castle. The mighty fortress, which is filled with gold and precious stones, was a symbol of the power and independence of the Karkonosze ruler. Urban legends talk about infinite richness hidden somewhere in the mountains, in the treasury of the Mountain Ghost. He jealously guarded his secrets and many daredevils never came back from their expeditions. There are known cases of skeletons with large pieces of gold clenched in their bony hands found on the plane under Śnieżka. The guardian of the kingdom of the mountains was just as harsh as inquisitive. He used to come down to human settlements in the form of a wanderer or a monk and watched their habits. Preferably during the days of the fair, where in a few hours dozens of merchants were arriving to town. For hundreds of years many have met him on their way. Countless stories have been passed down from generation to generation to warn adventurers to guard against hasty decisions. Today, most of them were written down, and we want to take you to the places where these events took place.

You will learn all about the Mountain Ghost, curiosities, mysteries and legends of the Karkonosze, while hiking trails, especially those less frequented, where the landscape has not changed for hundreds of years. You can wander around the peaks, admiring the picturesque panorama and at the foothills of glacials, where you can feel the power of the mountains. Welcome to the Karkonosze.


Option I – A trip to Śnieżka – all day

Option II – A trip to Śnieżne Kotły – all day


50 zł per person for a group of min. 20 participants

40 zł per person for a group of 20 and more participants

Price includes: tour guide, accident insurance

Price does not include: entrance fees.

Duration time:

09:00 – 18:00

Additional options:

Transport – upon request