Glassworks and glassware in the Karkonosze and the Izera Mountains

In the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains are the oldest traces of the Silesian glassworks. It is confirmed by written sources and archaeological research. Glassworks focused primarily in the Valley of Kamienna River, which is the natural border between the Karkonosze and the Jizera Mountains.
The Walloon treasure hunters, who discovered rich deposits of quartz in the mountains, contributed to that as well. They created perfect conditions for establishing glassworks, and thus producing the finest glassware known in Europe and all over the world. A part of Baroque glass has survived to this day and it is exhibited in the Museum of the Karkonosze in Jelenia Gora.

To learn about the history and secrets enchanted in the glass, we invite you to a unique tour which will be accompanied by the true alchemy. It is best to start your journey at the Museum of the Karkonosze in Jelenia Gora. The exhibition presents the largest collection of art glass in Poland. These collections are among some of the best in Europe.

Our guide will tell you more – in an interesting way – about the history and mysteries of the “glass magicians” during the tour of the Museum of the Karkonosze.

To have a look into the furnace, we shall go to Piechowice. Crystal Glassworks Julia is currently located in the former property of Fritz Heckert. We have a unique opportunity to spy on the work of metallurgists and artists creating handmade decorations in crystals. This is a difficult and time-consuming job, the art indeed, but it brings amazing results.

Then we will go to Szklarska Poreba. A short walk along the Walloon Route is awaiting us. It will reveal the old places where the Walloon treasure hunters made many important mineralogical discoveries including quartz, which is so necessary for the manufacturing of glass. We will visit the Waterfall Szklarki, climb Chybotek which conceals many legends and further we will reach the Golden View Point for the beautiful panorama of the Karkonosze.


  • The Museum of the Karkonosze in Jelenia Gora / Glassworks Julia in Piechowice / Waterfall Szklarki in the Karkonosze / Szklarska Poręba – the Walloon Route walk

Duration time:

  • 10:00 – 16:00

Tours for individuals (van and guide included):

  • price 90 PLN/ person;
  • It is possible to book a trip for any date, the minimum number of participants is 6.
  • Make an advance booking through a „contact us“ form..We set off at 10.00 o’clock from a parking lot at Sandra Hotel in Karpacz or from any other place arranged beforehand.
  • Price does not include entrance tickets.

Tours for groups (transportation, guide, accident insurance included):

  • price 75 PLN / person for groups 15 – 30 prsn;
  • price 60 zPLN/ person for griups 30 and more;
  • It is possible to book a trip for any date. The final price, schedule and duration are then determined on the basis of the number of participants, place of stay, type of transport, and additional needs of participants.
  • Price does not include entrance tickets.