Game for the Radioactive – the Soviets in Miedzianka Village

January 1, 1948, on the basis of an agreement between Poland and Soviet Union, exploitation of uranium ore in the Sudety started. It was the most closely guarded secret in the post-war Poland. One of the centers of exploitation was Miedzianka.

Although these events took place few decades ago, and Miedzianka disappeared from the map of Poland, recently Russians have been seen there. Some say that when they closed the mines, the Soviet army hid in them a fuse to the last atomic bomb, which is to deal with the capitalist enemy for once and for all. There is only one way out. You have to get there and destroy the fuse. But how could you do it, when Russians appeared in Miedzianka again?

For sure we will need a flair for business, cleverness, courage, determination, and of course money. This is not going to be easy. Even the beginnings will be full of problems – the entrance to the city at the tollgate is guarded by a Soviet soldier. You have to somehow bribe him to give us a pass. It will not be easy, but after all we are well-prepared to deal with it, are we not?

After crossing the barrier to Miedzianka to reach the bomb detonator, we must overcome 7 difficult tasks. For each we have 10 minutes. A guide will accompany us in overcoming difficulties and he will provide many valuable suggestions.

Apart from taking part in the game, you will learn the mysterious and interesting history of the nonexistent city of Miedzianka and Polish uranium. We will tell you the secrets that are not in the guidebooks, and in the forties there was only one penalty for betraying them …


Miedzianka – old mining town


70 zł per person for a group of min. 10 participants

Price includes: preparing an outdoor game, transport, tour guide, accident insurance

Duration time:

09:00 – 18:00

Additional options:

Campfire and a meal: 30 zł per person.