The Valley of Palaces and Garden

It is a perfect place to implement cultural tourism. Numerous monuments, a rich history, a beautiful scenery of the Karkonosze Mountains and the Rudawy Janowickie area are unusual value of the Jelenia Góra Valley; not only in Poland but also in Europe.

During the [...]


Historic Dams And Hydroeletric Power Stations

In the vicinity of the Valley of Bobr are several dozen historic buildings. Among this group, a very interesting complex of old dams and hydropower stations. The river Bobr was also a factor in the development of settlement in this part of Lower Silesia. After the [...]


The Nobility in the Sudety Health Resorts

Health resorts with healing waters are the real treasure of the Sudetenland. Each of them has a story, inscribed with celebrities’ or even kings’ visits. These include, inter alia, Cieplice, Duszniki, Ladek, Kudowa, Szczawno and Swieradów, hidden in the Jizera Mountains.

The nineteenth century [...]


On the Trail of the Walloon Treasure Hunters

They arrived in our mountains in the eleventh century, just after the Emperor brought a spear that cut through Jesus Christ’s side to Chrobry the King. They were a secret association, the Medieval Masonry. They tamed demons and the Mountain Ghost guarded their paths. They carved [...]


On the Trail of the Karkonosze Mountains Ghost

In the Middle Ages a powerful, rugged mountains closing Silesian Lowlands on the horizon were considered to be an end to the civilized world. Hardly any wanderer dared to venture in such rugged terrain, in humid and moody weather. Eagles, lynx, wolves and bears were protecting [...]


Treasures And Secrets Of The Third Reich

The Western Sudety are sometimes called the “safe” of the Third Reich. There are many stories circulating about the treasures looted by the Nazis, documents, works of art, and even the amber chamber. The legend says that the autochthons guard access to these treasures. Disappearing trucks [...]