Local spirits tasting

The Karkonosze are not only about the beautiful landscapes. For centuries, this place has also been known of its laboratory tradition. In addition to the medical specifics, ointments, and apparently even the recipe for the potion of immortality, the laboratory technicians from the Karkonosze Mountains have [...]


The Gold Of Lwowek Slaski

The game is based on the history of brewing in Lwowek Slaski. The participants are divided into groups. In each of them a captain is to be selected. The team receives attractive forfeits which can be taken by the competitive group. Participants take part in fitness [...]


The Secret Chest of Count Schaffgotsch

There is a castle, somewhere nearby the Podkarkonosze that for hundreds of years has not changed its owner and against all odds, it has been an impregnable fortress. Chojnik Castle has resisted the troops of all kinds, whether Hussite or Swedish, approaching the castle walls. Legend [...]