Castles and Palaces on The Czech Side of the Karkonosze Mountains

Zamek Sychrov

Legends hide in many places, but very few of them really come alive. Bohemian Paradise is one of endless living legend.

Inherent symbol of Bohemian Paradise are the ruins of the castle Trosky. Its two towers, known as Baba and the Virgin, have been guarding the picturesque landscape of mountains, forests and rocks since the ancient times. With the famous novel of Andrzej Sapkowski – “Hussite Trilogy” you can get started in the footsteps of its heroes. This is a great story about the fate of three friends in times of Hussite conflagration. A great dose not only for lovers of fantasy, but also history on which the story is based.

The uniqueness of the Bohemian Paradise has already been well-described. Just go to the top of Kozákov, Veliš, Zebín, Tábor, Vyskeř or Kopaninu and admire stunning views. Boroughs, castles, forests, diverse cities made of a sandstone rock, deep valleys interlaced with plains and ponds. Bohemian Paradise is the oldest protected landscape area in the Czech Republic and it is only a confirmation of the spell of this land and its diversity.

Among the charms of nature are rock cities, which you must absolutely visit – Hruboskalsko rock city, Prachovské Rocks, Klokočské and Betlémské Rocks, Rocks Příhrazské or Suché rocks. The forces of nature – wind, rain, frost and heat of the sun have created a sculpture of extremely odd shapes. The architecture is Gothic grandeur.


  • Castle Trosky / Castle HrubaSkala + Rocky Town walk / Castle Sychrov

Duration time:

  • 10:00 – 18:00

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Tours for groups (transportation, guide, accident insurance included):

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