Bukowiec – Romantic Park that is the History of Civilization Written by the Landscape

Bukowiec - park romantyczny

In Bukowiec we enter the magical world, which is the Valley of Palaces and Gardens. Almost every part of this region hides many secrets and a unique history. To know them, we first need to move to the time of Prussian King Wilhelm of Hohenzollern and Isabella Czartoryski, who traveled by stagecoach around Silesia. And it was in the nineteenth century …

Our destination is Bukowiec, where we will meet in the mysterious garden of Count Reden. You will see the palace, temple of Athens, ruins of the castle, the circle of druids, a mysterious abbey and many others. This place hides a secret. Legend has it that in the palace basement an alchemist had his lab where he used to create a potion healing the soul and body. To make it more difficult to decipher the recipe, all the clues were hidden in the count’s garden. There are many difficulties to face before solving the mystery, so a guide will help us to reveal the unknown. He will give us many valuable tips and tell extraordinary stories, legends that long ago floated in the evenings with the smoke of pipe at the princely fireplaces.

Each participant will receive a map but he must get a hidden clue leading to solving the secret himself. In addition, each tip will contain a numeric code encoded in Roman numerals, the so-called Chronogram, and information on how to get to the next one. Gathering them all will serve you to solve puzzles.

Whether you find all the clues, depends entirely on you. You have to rely on your own intuition and demonstrate creativity, but also overcome your weaknesses, and sometimes even fear of the unknown.

Travelling and revealing the secrets shapes personality. After this journey you will begin to see the world differently, you can become a different person and what you claimed was so far unknown, will be more accessible and stimulate the element of an explorer in you.



The park and palace complex in Bukowiec: a tea room, observation tower, ruins of the abbey.


70 zł per person for a group of min. 10 participants

Price includes: preparing an outdoor game, transport, tour guide, accident insurance

Duration time:

09:00 – 18:00

Additional options:

Campfire and a meal: 30 zł per person.